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Easy one. Grilled cheese sandwich.

1. Two slices of Warburton's Thick Toastie bread. (Orange package.)
2. Sun dried tomatoes, chopped finely.
2.5. Chili flakes. (optional)
3. Generous slice of Gruyere cheese.
4. Thin slices of parmeggiano regiano.
5. One or two slices of mild cheddar.
6. One or two slices of red leicester, mature.

A. Butter slices of bread heavily, but only one side of each.
B. Put a pan on the hob, very low heat. (low-n-slow is the secret here)
C. Put first slice of bread on the pan, butter down.
D. Place Gruyere and parm on top of the bread in the pan.
E. Sprinkle chopped sundried tomatoes and chili flakes on top.
F. Layer on mild cheddar, then red leicester cheese.
G. Place second slice of bread on top of the top layer of cheese, butter side up.
H. Cover pan with a metal bowl if you have one. (Helps melt cheese and toast evenly) Optional.
I. Toast low-n-slow. Flip over carefully. Keep flipping over until cheese is melted and bread is preferred degree of brown/toasted.

Try it. It'll blow your mind.