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SNP are shit such a bunch of liars and hide money etc scotland had the best schools in uk till snp got in power.
Scotland now can boast, that for the time the snp have been in power, so many class a's deaths every year in just one city highest in eu when we was in eu now its just the uk, great record to own that hmm.
And they have killed loads of people by just ignoring the problem causing families lots of pain.
Any snp car stickers i see on motors or house windows they go through.
We took to many immigrants how much dole money they get and free housing while soldiers and are own people are on the street.
Priorities are all wrong !!
I am not racist either and hate how all the devolved countries are just a waste of money wales,n ireland and scottish run there own buildings waste of cash imo and turn them into homeless hostels or hospitals or something.
Each msp gets paid 100k roughly depending on the role with expensives added extra and I can imagine that is the same for all devolved countries do the maths and work out how much money is wasted?. Such a waste of cash specially when you see so many homeless in the UK.
The electric gas bodyguards of running these buildings etc etc etc all adds up and Britain could be so more wealthier than we are if we went back to one place.
No offence but I disagree and no tory either or labour etc etc all a bunch of pricks for not freeing the weed.
I make my own laws and live by them fk the snp :)
ps. Nothing to do with race my post, if your pink or blue or whatever we are all human but are tiny island can not save every cnt imo
Not being rude to you either Bobby19841 just stating some facts could do the same for every country in the UK so do not think I am picking on scotland they are all after money and getting paid. Getting richer while the poor get poorer hope you can understand my point ?