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I think we're a lot closer to decriminalisation than a few years back and it's a step in the right direction. It's already available on license but difficult to obtain for medical reasons, which as a recreational user does leave me feeling guilty. The system is not fair at the moment.

Our current drugs minister has removed herself on all legislation relating to cannabis as her husband owns the largest grow op in the UK. The party comes before policy or people.

For full decriminalisation we need a major political party supporting the idea so it's passed through parliament and the lords. The financial aspects of cannabis is very appealing to a lot of politicians and I believe once they or their lobbyists are in a better position to make financial gains, it will only then be decriminalised. Which I believe is a real shame as those who respect the plant and cannabis culture will not make as much financially as they deserve.

Sorry, it's a very long and complex subject that can't be summarised in a couple of hundred words.