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found this site ages back an was an still am really happy, noted that i would need bit coin,and learn how to use pgp, and thought i,d tackle btc first,decided to try getting btc via virwox cos back then they excepted paypal which seemed an easy way to go. then virwox didnt except pay pal but,i noted they would except paysafe payment,so i open up account with paysafe, standard one says you can spend £250 a month,go to deposit £50 from paysafe to virwox,only to be told by paysafe i would have to up grade my account,now paysafe i,m in contact with an they it seems like to drag their heels regards your money, next i will be trying paxful(appreciate any comments about this site) hopefully i,ll be able to score eventually, and it will be from who mailed me back awhile ago,all the best to everyone on here.meme.
from  MrNiceguy420