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Your right as a vendor we want our customers to have the best in quality goods and prices.

I cant speak for all uk vendors. But I know ones we have on littlebiggy.org are all very good. Respect too you guys and girls ..

If a customer doesn't see a variety of flower they require. They should drop a message to the vendor. An I'm 100% sure our lovely uk vendor here would gladly help.. but take in consideration that we are very busy , that's no excuse by the way. But it's TRUE.. we dedicate our time an effect into bringing our uk family here at littlebiggy.org the best products from around the globe. ... I understand vendors may not reply straightaway. But we are here for our people.. so little patients goes along way.. we do 1g across our line.. check us out.

Also want to thank our customers not just mine. But everyone .. stay sfe. Smoke good and be kind to those around you.

Bless have a lovely day my people

Mr Sweetdreamz