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10/10 Pre roll review - out of this world service and product!!
Firstly these guys delivered in less than 48h. Stealth fantastic.

OK now about the pre rolls.
Upon opening plastic carry tube was totally blow away with strong fruity almost blue Berry smell, it was to die for.

2 separate single skin pre rolls eached wrapped in strain indicating paper. Fantasic blueberry and stardawg.

Now the smoke, I started on the blueberry. Strong (as hell). Greeted with fruity and defo blueberry tasting. The Ash was almost white. Lovely high!

To be honest have only tried one out of the two (feel blazed)

Ok each component scored out of 10.
Comms 10/10 stealth 10/10 (fuck if you stuck it under a dogs nose, it wouldn't notice) smell. 9.5/10 overall experience 10/10 fast, descreet, great product will use Frequently thank you

Note. This review is my own and if I don't like something I will say.