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10/10 pre roll freebie
The pre roll came in such amazing stealth packaging I had to take a pic it was so good! The bud was in a raw cone and really was some high grade gear, one joint and I was buzzed off my tits and that's not usual for me! Will deffo be ordering more not only for the quality but also because what a genuine guy the vendor is! Good comms on a possible custom order and obviously nothing is better than a freebie of breath taking quality!!!
Now for one of my soon to be famous in depth reviews!

Had a really complex terpene profile, was piney and kushy with a hint of chocolate, almost a kush based shatter flavour it was totally different to anything I've tried so far and despite blowing my face off and couch locking me for a good while there was no headaches or harsh tokes at all.... It was a real pleasure to smoke I properly enjoyed it!

Smelled so potent once I opened the double vacuum sealed, triple wrapped super stealth packaging pictures above. Had zombie kush from grey area in dam and this was even better I would say, the smell was just pure piney and earthy goodness, it was labelled zombie kush and really smelled like the essence of a perfect kush strain.... Almost had a hint of shatter on the nose which was very enticing although there was no infusion here, just the kushy goodness of a professionally grown, cured and packaged strain. This guy is a real class act :D

The joint burned evenly and was really generously packed (thanks!!) Burned nice and slowly too, I'm a regular stubby raw cone user but this one took way longer than usual to get through which could never be a bad thing with tasty stuff such as this

The ash burned bright white and I can't stress the quality of the cure on this one! Was as smooth as silk but had a nice hit on the exhale just to remind you that you're hitting some real high grade!

I think everyone should welcome this guy to the community with a nice juicy order (really eyeing up that bubble hash so hands off!) and he's off to a flying start in my opinion

A big welcome to you buddy I wish you many long happy years and many future dealings with yours truly!