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Noob experience on LB, vendor recommendation.
Hi all!

I've been on here for a few weeks now. Ordered 9 items from 5 different vendors. So far every order has come 100% as expected and in fairly quick and stealth manner. Been very impressed with the goods.

Vendors I've used so far, and recommend them all. Especially MJConcentrates, the extra cookie was amazing:

MJConcentrates (https://littlebiggy.org/viewSubject/p/4771061)
Gods Connect (https://littlebiggy.org/viewSubject/p/4771532)
ThePopeofDope (https://littlebiggy.org/viewSubject/p/4772901)
Next Day Weed (Can't find their link on here anymore)
Drugs Inc UK (https://littlebiggy.org/viewSubject/p/4772945) - Just ordered yesterday, will update if there are issues.