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I’m Finished Smoking Weed
Hey everyone, not sure if anyone is going to read this or will even see it, but I’m done smoking weed or using it in any form. It’s just a choice I’ve made as of today. Maybe I’ll have a smoke or two in the future but that’s about it. The last bit of weed I’ve got left is some Jungle Cake and I’m definitely finishing it before I give up but then that’s it. I’ll still be staying active on LittleBiggy for anyone that needs me or needs any answers for queries or so. I hope everyone does well here and I appreciate all the vendors’ stuff I’ve bought, whether I liked it or not. Thank you, you’re all doing a great job here especially with the community we’ve created. I hope to buy a few products again in the future, I just noticed that I’m constantly smoking and it ain’t getting me anywhere so I’m stopping that as of today, but trust me that doesn’t mean I’m leaving LB, as it’s a great little place. I love it here and I hope it never goes!
from  bugbears