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Critical hash review
This is my 2nd buy of this so now's the best time for a review :)

On opening the packet I'm hit by a earthy coffee/dark chocolate smell with slight hints of a vanilla undertone, After a few seconds of playing with it the smell has changed completely to a very sweet vanilla smell. When looking at it under the microscope I was stunned at the amount of resin sacks this hash has I know the test was 37%+ but fuck there was alot an the formation was very unified so you know alot of love went into this. Putting the hash on a very low heat then back under the microscope I could see the sacks popping before my eyes so magical and the smell mmm wonderful sweet coffe smell. When rolling the stuff just breaks apart so very easy to roll with now enough said as this is beginning to sound like a wine review. On taking back my first pull I'm amazed at how smooth the smoke is an the taste has this moorish coffee/nutty flavour with creamy chocolate/caramel undertones. Half way through is even better as all the flavours have come together to create a taste I can best describe as a hot chocolate with ground up nuts served with cream. The taste of this hash just keeps rolling of the tastebuds an stays for a very long time.

So my verdict on this is a hands down 10/10 for not only the quality and how strong it is but the price aswel only £50 for a Q I'm shocked.

Side note:
I gave some to my mum who has alot of muscle problems an she felt so much better as she was smoking it so a big +

This hash is now in my top 3 of all time for hash any I never thought I'd say that so well done lads you have a amazing product here an I hope it's around until I can get a bigish amount to keep in the humidor for special occasions...


I don't get payed or are told what to write in any of my reviews if I don't like it or i have anything critical to say about any smoke I buy I will say.
from  BazzerAK