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When I cut open the packet I was hit by a real sweet earthy smell an after playing with it it started to smell very sweet like raw coca and vanilla with a hint of walnut. The hash is very soft and after I played with it a coating of oil was left on my fingers which tasted so sweet almost like honey. On taking back my first pull I'm amazed at how smooth it is then I have this complex flavour come through first that nice hash taste then a wonderful creamy honey taste. Half way throu I was fucked this is so strong I had to put the joint down an go up to bed which is a rare thing for me. There is a warning with this but I didn't take any notice an made a nice fat joint but it was to much I skipped the high and went straight to being very very stoned.

Side note:
Really helped me sleep an the missus was just as fucked as me :)

So to some up this stuff is amazing you can't go wrong for the quality an price I recommend this all day long and with that comes the score.
10/10 10/10 10/10


I don't get payed or are told what to write in any of my reviews if I don't like it or i have anything critical to say about any smoke I buy I will say.