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I've tried it. Brief report within..
If you check the topic thread for this item, you'll see that earlier, I was asking the community for reviews of this strain. Well, Pope was kind enough to send me a sample of this PBB along with another order I made so that I could check it out for myself. How cool is that? And the sample was generous, definitely not peanuts. (The photo above was taken after I tried a bit.)

I used a clean smoking apparatus so that I could focus on taste. Did it taste like PB? A little bit, yes. Definitely savoury and nice. The smoke was smooth and delicious. I savoured the aftertaste. The smell was also quite nice. Earthy and understated, but pleasing to the nose. Not way too gassy. (Looking at you Magnificent Jungle Cake.)

Effects? I took my first puff while sitting on a park bench at night. I felt as if my entire body was being eased into a nice warm bath. My sore muscles loosened, as if I was getting a massage from angels. As I melted into the bench (like peanut butter on hot toast) I watched the moon rise. Was it just a moon illusion at the horizon, or could it be that even the Moon itself was the colour of peanut butter in lieu of this holy event? Religious to be sure, and fittingly; delivered by the Pope.

"Recommended" is an understatement. Check it out!