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I'd have to agree. Homegrown MJ all the way. But once you know you can't go back. Sayno2drugs has the really good products. Just bought off valleyheat too. Managed to get delivery from 1stND, who valleyheat replaces.

Thing with carts is that it's a whole new way of tokin. You write the story of how you consume it. No more papers, rollin, sticky fingers, looking for a solitary place to toke.

Best products out there are kurvana, select and canndescent (which isn't available here......yet!) I'm also a big fan of the heavy hitters.

Like you I'm a sativa man and the flavours are amazing. Strongly recommend the maui wowie has a nice tropical taste to it. Tangie is another nice one and strawberry cough (cough every time), does what it says on the tin.

Only downside with carts is that you have to clean the vape pen around once a week. Pipe cleaners or cotton buds do the trick. Just be careful, can be sticky as fuck.