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Impressive workmanship and quality
We live in an age where the counterfeit drug trade represents a multi-billion dollar market with countless victims. Mainly pharma, but also vapes. (Dank, etc.)

That's why it's nice to know that there are artisinal producers out there like MJ who take pride in their work and for whom safety and quality is important. This product tasted great, no ill effects and was quite nice in general. MJ even gave me a battery to get started with. As a noob, I appreciated this very much. (Variable voltage, pre-heat feature... not bad!)

The World Health Organization would give MJ top marks! Thank you!

One last note: this was my very first vaping experience. I did not realise that vaping doesn't hit quite as hard as flower, or that the effects trail off a bit quicker too. I don't believe any of that was down to this product, however.