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4-ACO-DMT Sample Review!
First off I’d like to say, thank you very much Pope for giving me the chance to try out one of these edibles. Fast delivery and enlightening experience.

Now let me begin, 30 minutes after consumption i noticed that my body felt a light tingling sensation whilst simultaneously feeling numb, I noticed very trippy open eyes visuals about 15 minutes later whilst looking around my house. During this time I felt my jaw was clenching progessively throughout the trip. The decor was morphing and felt like it genuinely was alive and breathing. I honestly felt so overwhelmed with everything that was going on at this point as I’ve never experienced anything like it. However, about an hour later into the trip as was reaching my peak I felt as if I was disconnected from reality as if there were two different worlds, the world that we live in today and the world that I was mentally induced in as I was hallucinating very strongly and I felt like I was experiencing ego-death as something there was just wanting me to leave who I am as I could no longer differentiate the real word from my consciousness as I kept on having the same thought loops and didn’t know whether anything was real or not. As well as, experiencing being unable to determine whether I just did something or not, it felt very much like my memory of anything was just taken from me. In addition, the auditory hallucinations were coming in to play as videos that I was watching on YouTube were becoming more apparent in terms of the people’s voices changing, almost alien like and the people within the videos were morphing and slowly melting and transforming in a way that I couldn’t even begin to describe. Unfortunately though my trip went sour as I went into a very paranoid and anxious state, which I wasn’t expecting in the slightest as I forgot that it only takes one bad thought for a trip to go from beautiful to terrifying. I did notice though whilst I was going through a bad trip that the closed-eyed visuals were beginning to break through as geometric patterns were appearing, but it sadly came to a halt shortly after.

Overall, it was a intriguing and very introspective experience, I would certainly be more than welcome to see other psychedelics on LB and to see 4-ACO-DMT make a comeback. 10/10 for the Pope, I really appreciate the sample and thank you once again!