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Few orders running late..
Hi all mr SD here.

I just want to let all customers know.. as over past few weeks we have got very very busy.. which is all thanks to the love we have received..

So in the mist of expanding a few orders have fallen behind schedule.

For this I have personally apologised to all customers an you all have honestly no lie been very accommodating.

All orders will leave by latest friday. An all, I mean all those orders will be topped up and extras to go along side them. I've confirmed this with all customers an greatly appreciated the loving response.

Thank you all for the love soon an Mr Sweetdreamz will make sure when all orders get to customers you will be very very happy..

(Just to be clear this is no promotional act being carried out.)

I'm just being 100% honest and genuine. And want my customers to know I got you.. my lovely munchkins.

Lots of lov

Mr Sweetdreamz and team.