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4-ACO-DMT Edible review
Intense powerfull amazing trip.
Start at the start. Plans changed sat when I discovered the jets from an air show we’re doing a flyover my house sun morning around sunrise so planned on being at peak for this. Work sat nite sun morning around 3.30 and took the edible. I had tried a little of the choc already which was nice so I wasn’t expecting the bitter chemical taste, luckily had a cup of coffee to hand which masked the taste well.
30-40 mins start to feel shaken when moving, lights then started pulsing which I knew meant I was coming up. Next was the echos and tracers at the edge of my vision. Was starting to get geometric shapes with eyes closed and thing were starting to warp when eyes were open. Remember it feeling really intense after this.
1hr-2hr intense rushes of colour and sound with eyes open or closed, I can remember feeling like I was coming up and up and a slight feeling I wasn’t going to be able to handle it which passed as soon as I reached peak. By this time everything was like Indian geometric shapes( Beatles one album cover comes to mind) and everything had these little Native American arrows.
3-4hrs at complete peak if trip, not on this planet anymore, keep drifting off into worlds of waving colours and shapes, was actually amazing, made so many connection in my head but can’t remember much detail now. Kept feeling like I was drifting away from reality so decided I needed grounded a little, Keven bridges new show on iPlayer and I spent the next 2hrs crying laughing.
Absolutely astounded by this trip, strongest I’ve ever had and a really fun one too. The visions were truly astounding.
I found it strong but not overpowering for me but I could see a newbie to tripping maybe finding it a bit much. Would defiantly put a not for beginners warning on these. Forgot all about the airplanes and sunrise and spent the whole time in my man cave, had intended logging on but wouldn’t have been able to even if I had remembered. Trip lasted about 6-7 hrs and after that I was completely fine. No come down or bad feeling just couldn’t stop smiling. Thanks for the experience POD I will def buy some of these if they are made available, my mates have to try this they will love it