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cool beans Mr BD, aka Robin, of hood,

To micro on 4aco you only need 0.02 to 1g per every 4th day ! That tiny, you would need special scales. You get the after glow to for those rest days. I am liking the sound of this stuff more and more each day. An average dose of 4aco would be 10g to 15g on average person according to what I have read.

So the 25g contained in the chocloates, would be a high dose in comparison. I would recommend halving or quartering the chocolate for newbies or for people who don't want to get into 'effed up party mode' or just for those that want to tread with caution, always better to start with a quarter and wait for a few hours, then if effects not to your liking then take some more and so on.

I personally want a 'spiritual' or help with life questions, so I would need to find my perfect dose. For those that want to party will probably hit this stuff hard straight away. I am not advising this at all, but been there and done that, and no thanks. I am all for improving my life not for destroying it :)