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aaahhhh, fond memories, remember that first time on here....

That first order, that first shock, awe and naughty excitement and pure relief when you opened your first package. The pride you felt having figured out how to buy and use bitcoin (omg that is a journey unto itself, and still on going)

And then there is Life :

The relief of that first vote or reply to your first post indicating that there is life on littlebiggy, lots of it humming away in the background. At first I thought this site was dead and abandoned, but thankfully how wrong was I. ( you know like in the film I Am Legend where there is no one but will smith left and he keeps listening for life on the radio everyday, that's how I felt, but I didn't start talking to store mannequins !) Maybe here is where the asleep awaken? Who knows? You never forget your first time lol :)