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Free Samples
I have some real concerns about free samples on little biggy. I understand they are a great thing and that in many ways the best form of marketing for everyone. But

#1 is free drugs for kids. I realise that lots of kids are clever enough to get their hands on bitcoins but the fact is that bitcoins are hard to deal with and a huge filter for who comes here, much more so for people without adult ID.

#2 It's done in exchange for reviews. Don't get me wrong the quality of experience posts around here is great and getting better all the time but the fact that you have to buy in order to review is a way to keep shilling under control. There must be a balance between mechanical feeling reviews and some of the off putting advertorial I see around here.

One thing I have noticed around on little biggy is the more conscientious and self policing we are the fewer borg/algorithms we have exercising blunt (no pun intended) authority.

On second thought I now intend to make that pun and exercise a blunt right about now. Yes.