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Rif hash review, with Photos Inc 40x Magnification
Good afternoon fellow biggas, Here is my first review-I hope it helps!

Rif hash from DrugsInc, 3.5g Purchase.

First impressions. Amazing. Hash is overweight by 0.5g which is a very positive start! The smell is sweet, hints of fruits, mint and chocolate. Very malleable when warmed, soft yet sticky, but not in a way that would hinder a bigga. Would recommend cool storage for removal from packaging as it will smear if too warm! Very inviting smell, hoping it carries through to taste. (It does!)

Lighting up. Initial flavours are deep, original hash, almost mouthwatering. Burns evenly, smooth with a primo aftertaste. For those who have tasted the taste I speak of, its truly nostalgia inducing for all.

A well balanced product, from a trusted and professional vendor. The whole transaction, from communication and stealth to a top quality product, DrugsInc have excelled above and beyond what could be asked!

Photographs are standard lens and 40x magnification loupe.
I have tried to keep this review as factually descriptive as possible without conveying opinions which could be biased for each individual... That said, new school stuff is awesome, but this is timeless, original and borderline spiritual...for me ;)

Namaste my biggas, Peace x

P.s Struggling to get the photos up but they will follow!