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Sorry for long post but there are things that the original post may have over looked...

We shouldn't be forced to make our profiles visible, in order to be allowed to post or vote on topics, just because some readers may be curious as to the author, or find it 'unfair'. It is upto the author, and no one else, if they want to be visible or not and who they grant access to. They should not be punished, and told you can not vote or post unless you give up your privacy, what the hell? why the blackmail? It's like being forced to leave your front door open for anyone to walk into your home, or do you shut and lock your door and only allow who you want in? Or just stay silent and not post at all, because you don't want to give up your privacy and right to restrict your own page to only those you trust with a password.

Just now there is the option ***If you want to see a restricted profile, there is an option to set a password for this in settings, not sure how this works tho, it says ''password required assign up to 200 passwords for viewing your page'' *** Just ask them for the password, but it is upto them if they want to grant you access. Also my settings will not let me change my profile to visible, I have tried many times, a few others are having the same problem, from what I have read.

So if this is the case, and a password can be set, then those that want to stay restricted can, and if they want to give out a password to whoever requests it, then they can. I am not sure how this password works tho, or if this is what it is used for. We shouldn't be forced to make our profiles visible, if we want to post on topics, just because some readers may be curious as to the author, or find it 'unfair'. Another point is that a profile will tell you when the person was last logged in, or what date they joined, again some people would prefer to keep this information private, hence they private the profile. People are more likely to be honest if they feel safe on here, and feel like they can set their own privacy settings, which they can at the moment, so why change what is working out fine for everyone?

Also people may make their profile page private and restricted, so that people are not able to private message them, so will this option be taken away if everyone has to be visible. Basically will privacy be threatened if we all are visible? If profile is made visible on LB does that mean it's visible on search engines? Some people don't want to be visible on the net, or visible to everyone on here, but they may want to allow access sometimes to a few trusted people by setting a password.

What is it exactly that you want to see on someones profile when you are curious as to the author? Why not just ask them questions directly by replying to their post, if there is something you want to know or feel that something is unfair? I don't know, am I missing something here? LB has the option for the user to decide how visible they want to be, this is a win win for everyone, you can be as out there or as invisible as you want, this should not change in my opinion. If LB started forcing visibility, then I would not use LB anymore to be honest, we get enough lack of privacy and being dictated to in the real world, LB always seemed like such a breath of fresh air to me, but not so much lately :(

Some recent posts that I have seen pop up in the past few weeks have upset some vendors and buyers, and I have not seen this before on here, some are trolls, others just want their own way and to hell with what everyone else wants, also there has been doxing and peoples personal bank details and names and addresses being posted for everyone to see. This alone has made me very very nervous now about this site.

People may just want to log on, order and go, without posting anything, if they are forced to go visible with their profile, and not given the option to restrict or deny access, or they may feel that this is not a safe place to post honest thoughts anymore, because they feel to exposed. I can only speak for myself, and I am being honest when I say that I feel like just ordering my stuff and logging off from now on, which saddens me, as I enjoyed the community up until recently. But if people are posting peoples names, addresses and bank details for all to see, and we are being forced to go visible in order to post, then I am done, I just wish I could delete myself and all my info and posts from here, just in case someone can get a hold of my name and address and post it.

Best wishes to everyone, stay safe and protect your privacy :)