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Hi Bojack, not sure if your post was in response to mine?

But there is more info on someones profile page then just posts they have contributed to or profile statements. As I mentioned below, at the end of this topic, don't want to bore you by repeating here.

For the record if someone wants to private message chat, to ask questions or who want to know about other posts I have posted on, then all they have to do is request me to PM them. If your page is open I can pm you and you can reply back, even tho my page restricted. I will be happy to answer any questions.

I have tried to make my profile public, and password it, many times in the past, but it does not work, I emailed help about it months ago, but did not get a fix. But now, in light of all the recent security issues on here, I am glad I retained the privacy on my profile, because I don't want my profile visible on google for all to search. There are hackers, that know what they are doing, and can easily get into your settings, even tho they are not accessible. What scares me is the way this site is going, I never ever thought a buyer or seller would ever dream of exposing names, addresses, and bank details, but yet it did happen, and very recently to.

If someone won't ask for someones password to access their page, then they are not that concerned about reading that persons profile, surely ! (I to have been curious and looked at someones page because I liked a few of their posts and wanted to see more, however when I found their page restricted, I respected that and just moved myself along. Or I could have posted a response to them in public, if they would have asked me a question. I always try to reply to everyone, and I welcome any questions.

Don't people realise how serious privacy is on here, am I the only one? Would everyone be happy if their name, address and bank details were posted for the world to see on here? And their profile pages wide open on the web, that's great for sellers for advertising, but not for me as a customer.

I would happily give someone a list, with internal links to all the best posts I have contributed to, and answer any questions, if they asked and were genuinely interested, but I won't give up my privacy on my profile page, without a password, just because people are just curious to have a look.

Anyway sorry everyone, I know I have written alot on this topic, but privacy and physical safety is the most important thing for me on LB, when I feel safe I am happy, but now unfortunately, I need to be even more vigilant because we have people that are prepared to release sensitive info and addresses in a fit of anger or to prove to everyone they are not lying, by posting screen shots. Take care everyone :)