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Hi weJamin,

My messages are NOT hidden, they are all over LB, every single one of them.

Only thing 'hidden' is my profile. It is not 'hidden', it is Restricted with a password. So a bit like, you can't come in unless I give you a password, however again, every single post is on LB for you to see.

It is just a case of finding them, as older posts get pushed down as new posts with new votes and comments get pushed up.

Again feel free to PM me .... or if there is a post you came across and want to see again, then just tell me what you can remember about the topic of the post, and I will get you the link :)

I am not in hiding, I just value my security and privacy and like to control who has access to my profile page useing a password. There are people on here and on the internet who relish in down voting people and spamming accounts, so I just want to protect my 'home' page.



''The Octopus has NINE brains. The Human has ONE .So please be kind to each other because we ain't that smart '' a 'GiggleCheeks Quote of the Day' taken from my memoirs and sketch books, to remind me daily not to be an idiot lol

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