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Tripping into the G Funk Era!
Gather round little biggars. It’s story time.

This all began with a simple order of 1 gram of Blueberry Muffins and 4-aco-DMT from the Pope of Dope. I did a whole LONG write up of that experience here: https://littlebiggy.org/topics/4346/posts/16178/votes/show.

You can also find the live trip report here (my play by play is a bit further down the thread): https://littlebiggy.org/viewSubject/v/4773149?gotoPost=Y3xVUY10

As you can see from the replies to that review/story, it turns out that another LB user bought EXACTLY the same stuff I did. Blu got the 4-aco-DMT AND 1 gram of Blue muffins. Both of us ended up with the French Toast, and had a similar experience on that that first connected us. This was the initial random coincidence that sparked off our “Live Trip Report” idea. Blu suggested it and I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. The table was set for an interesting time.

9:00pm on September 27th the chocolate was eaten.

I knew from Franko’s review that this chemical kicks in fast… but I wasn’t ready for an edible to be hitting me only 5 minutes after swallowing. By 9:15 I was starting to feel an intense rush of euphoria, I knew I didn’t have long until things would get real crazy. I grabbed my computer, water and snacks and headed into my bedroom. Loaded up Warren G Regulators and turned off the lights.

Little by little the visuals started to take over. Everything in my room started to dance, grow and move. Only 30 minutes after eating the chocolates and my whole room is alive. Music slowly begins to distort and the visuals and the music begin to melt into one another. Little by little the visuals completely engulf me and I’m struggling to hold onto my ego/sanity. The thing that brought be through the initial rush/peak of the experience was Warren G and his G Funk lol.

It was such a strange experience, it was hard to distinguish between closed eye visuals and open eye visuals. Everything was melting and dancing, and I felt like I was able to spawn little warren g’s and nate dogs into my room. It felt like them recording their voices like this managed to record a part of their being, and they were manifesting in my room. I felt like I had been taken back to 1994, me and the G Funk became one… the music was so distorted at this point that it sounded like the most incredible remix I had ever heard. The visuals were super colorful and beautiful. The music felt like it was something very special. I was tripping so hard that I felt like I was one with the universe and it was intense and incredible. There were a couple of times where I felt like I might lose everything into a bad trip, but the music was like a light in the darkness at those points.

Never thought I'd have a Warren G trip experience like this... usually listen to Pink Floyed for trips, but here we are.

I finally manage to pick myself out of bed, look at my phone… and WOW. Digital displays look absolutely incredible on this stuff. Just shiny and futuristic looking. I check the time and ITS 11:30PM! I had been lying there for 2 hours blasted out of my mind… felt like 30 minutes. By 12pm I was finally able to stand up, but still tripping pretty hard with intense visuals. I remember that there are people actually following along, and that was one of the trippiest thoughts of the night. The way I was connected to people from across the world, and they were waiting for me to say something.

I open my phone to try and follow what had happened on LB and was greeted by 50+ messages. The UI of LB made it VERY difficult to actually keep up with what was going on at that point in my experience. So I put away the phone and waited for sanity to resume.

It wasn’t until 12:49 that I was able to finally sit down at my kitchen table and spark the first joint. Oh man… this is what I was missing. The weed helped get my thoughts together, allowed me to go through LB’s crazy UI and start updating and replying to people more regularly. I also finally manage to get back in touch with Blu, which is where things really got interesting.

We had intended to try and see how much we could learn about one another without saying anything and see what we would pick up through the trip. Shockingly, we were both able to guess fairly accurately who we were and what we looked like. I was then reminded about how this whole thing started, by buying the exact same thing and getting the same correction to our order. Mind was blown. The whole experience to have a virtual trip buddy was amazing. Thank you so much for suggesting it Blu =)

Now I began to pound beer and smoke shatter and some heavy weed just to try to get myself down and into a mode where I might manage to get some rest. Trips tend to make me super horny, this was no exception. It always takes a while to finally be able to “come”, and I usually call it “conquering” the trip when I manage it lol, it helps send me to bed. This didn’t happen til around 2am, 5 hours into the trip.

Me and Blu kept talking back and forth about everything and nothing… were some interesting revelations made. I started watching the G Funk documentary on youtube prime just to tie everything into a nice bow. All in all one special night. I finally passed out around 3:30ish if I remember correctly. Woke up around 9am with a bit of a headache. Smoked and drank a bit much there towards the end haha.

Going into the trip, I had had this lingering anxiety for the last few days… that is completely gone now when I woke up.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed! Until next time, keep being an awesome community.