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Hi all
We offer no reship or guarantee on international orders this is made clear on any international orders.
Ok so as for too successful or busy no we are not sorry. Yes we are happy with our business but atm we are runnong at like 60% capacity with a lot if room to grow and our system keeps mistakes down to a minimum.
As for this case i can only say we input the address as we are given it. We have international tracked letter turn up in the wrong country before and the label was indeed correct as they have eventually landed.
We are always not happy to hear about any customers that are not happy and do what we can to make things right.
At tht moment we are considering stopping (or restricting to markets we have FE on) international and Scandinavian countries as it seems a lot of work and hassle and we risk getting bad feedback from customers that agree to our terms but then not happy when things don't go to plan.
from  JamalKush