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I disagree, there is no way in hell RM has a list of all address in this country, even this country wouldn’t have a file for all address in this country haha! I’ve had parcels and packages arrive no problem for the last 3 years to the same address as explained. From all over the world. Legit and not so legit contents. The address I used is still visible on the order form on LB as I stupidly didn’t use PGP. So I can still confirm it’s correct.

I guess we will never know.

I doubt the seller used an accurate “return to sender address”... kind of setting yourself up for a problem there.

RB makes himself $170 and there’s a parcel of weed somewhere that didn’t even make it out the original country.

Anyway, there we go, I think everything has been explained multiple times now so I’ll leave it there.

Peace out LB’ers x