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As I’ve explained, on the tracking website I can see a whole list... times and dates from moving around the UK to the point of preparing to leave. But then no update since and a return to sender.

I’m getting a bit paranoid about posting all of these pictures and information now, so won’t be posting anything else. Also for my own sake I don’t want to be phoning up RM trying to escalate a lost parcel considering the contents... my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

I feel a bit sorry for RB as well as I didn’t anticipate my little rant ending up being so drawn out, long and going on for days. So for that I do apologise to RB.

I’m going to leave it here now and I’m not going to respond to anymore comments, my point has been made and I think it’s time to move on and forget my loss.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

Peace out LB