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MJC does it again with the Distillate Carts!
MJC was my ‘first’ on LB and I keep coming back to these carts as they are an excellent stealth option and you know you’re getting a great product made with love :) I’ve tried many other carts but these really are the best for the money a really smooth vape if your battery is on a low power. I’ve made the mistake of running it too high and it made me cough and the buzz nearly floored me!

My favourite so far has to be the thin mint cookies (been through around 6 flavours so far), not sure why but seems to hit harder than the others (though I’m sure it’s dependant on how much I’ve been vaping) and after a few long puffs it has me sorted for a few hours with a great head buzz then a nice chilled relax after an hour or so, enough to see me through to bedtime.

I hope these long continue!!