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Do you rate the vendor, product or both?
This may seem like a stupid question, but i've been on LB for a few months now and it's the first time i've had to consider it.

I've probably made around 10 buys, half with the same seller and I've never had any issues. The product is always sent quickly and always received the next day.

With my latest purchase it was supposed to be 'Sativa dominant', giving a 'euphoric high'. In truth, it was just a bit shit and I was smoking double my usual amount to feel any effects. It was advertised as 23% THC.

The Sativa dominant hybrid I bought before that was amazing, but I am a noob and experimenting with Indica/Sativa at the moment.

Would you put this down to experience and accept that plenty of people seem to like the product (mainly 10/10's but a few 7's noting it was disappointing) and rate the seller highly?

Or would you give a lesser rating because the product was poor for me personally, but note delivery was excellent?

Basically, I'm reluctant to rate 6 or 7 when it might just be my lack of knowledge that is the problem. Maybe it was just meant to be weaker than previous orders. Like someone drinking a bottle of vodka one night, then being disappointed that a bottle of beer didn't have the same effect the next night.

Genuine thoughts appreciated!