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Searching LB, dates of posts, and what happens when big orders go wrong?
Hi there, I'm completely new to LB and have just put my first tester-order through with Radar Breeder for some Bob Marley Pollen with some leftover Bitcoin I had.

I'm used to ordering from a Canadian site I'm sure some of you know of; anxiously waiting 12-14 days here in the UK for some pre-ground product, (usually banging though I must add).

My main questions are 1.) Is there any sort of search function here on LB to try and find specific posts/people/products?
2.) Is there a way to check dates of posts, listings of products, ratings/reviews?
3.) What's it like ordering bigger bits on here like an Oz or more? What happens if the mail order goes wrong; game over money lost? The Canadian site I mentioned happens to seem a slight bit cheaper than LB until you start looking at the bigger bits on here; and then it's competitive to that site/street prices in certain areas.
So I like the look of the bigger amounts, but I am wary of what happens when an order goes wrong, it starts becoming a lot of money to worry about.

Thanks for any help and advice given; LB seems to have an excellent sense of community, I love it!