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Hi all,
Sorry to hear that you are dissapointed.
Yes i agree that bud doesn't look great at all, this wedding cake in general is big buds, some not filled like they should be.
IMO, although this batch didn't all look great it is still a great smoke. If it had been 10/10 it would have been priced accordingly. Also don't know what you ordered but, for example, if it was a 3.5g there is higher chance of a not great bud than say if you took an ounce. Although we always do our best to ensure you get the best we are human and there is always the possibility that 1 in 100/200/300 customer is not happy.
What i will say is, hopefully the vast majority of our customers will agree, just message us direct and we will always do what we can to make a customer happy.
from  Wiseguy024 Halo