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Vader Extract Review
This was the first time I’ve used shatter and after deliberating over buying some I took the (stoned!) decision to order the CF710 wax pen and then 2 of these extracts.

Having never used this before I went through the usual process of getting the shatter everywhere before getting it all back and onto the CF710 pen to vape - WOW!!! the taste is incredible with a super smooth vape. 2 dabs (approx 2mm squares) was enough of the Tahoe OG to give me that super wide eyed open feeling where everything looked sharper and more vibrant (yet the foggy feeling behind the eyes) and then a nice body relax. It’s not a couch locked feeling, you could certainly go about your daily tasks, but if you were sitting down and chilling I’m not sure you’d want to get back up!

I hope MJC gets more of these in stock definitely worth a try!