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I find the raw skins dont really roll to a cone, they kinda fold into a cone, end up with a strange 20 sided shape joint lol, but i like a loose pack and a fast burn! So probably not an ideal skin for my rolling style, Zig zag blues or OCB hemps all the way!

FYI when i smoke blues, i fold, lick and tear about 6mm strip off the bottom of the skin, then roll. Ends up basicaly 1 papers thick all around the cone but the roach end, a nicer, less paperier smoke!

Anyone ever find smoking silvers that the paper burns to fast for the cherry, and you end up sucking half air half smoke through the roach, feels like you loosing half your joint? Just me maybe lol

(I can roll joints honest! 20years experience lol, i just like em loosey goosey)