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A hard lesson learnt... A warning to others!
Hey LB
I apologise to the community in advance for this and i have bared the cost(punishment enough). It will not happen again as i realise my naivety/stupidity now
I write this at cost to my own reputation as i am sure others will take great pleasure in reading this. However, i felt it my duty to WARN other LB’s who may have been or be persuaded to do the same thing in the future.
DO NOT GO OFF SITE FOR TRANSACTIONS no matter what story you are told by the Vendor....!!
A trusted vendor of mine who i have had an excellent and loyal relationship with on LB drew me into to a significant off site purchase. This was under the guise of delays in payment on the site causing problems for the vendors business and resulting stock issues; and asking for help on this occasion due to this.
Well, i saw a post the other day and it quoted “TRUST ON LB IS DEADLY ” and now I CAN CONFIRM IT IS!!!
Obviously the transfer was apparently not received despite goin to the same address as on site purchases and being confirmed via my account as received.
Of course , my messages were initially replied to then ghosted. Im sure i am not the only one who has been lured into this by the Vendor. I also ffear things have changed with this vendor as onsite posts are not the same and nor are messages.
PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN SAFTEY DO NOT GO OFF SITE!!! Even if you have had good experience previously with the vendor and think they are trustworthy it could cost you dearly like me!
My sincerest apologies to the community, i have learnt my lesson and had the decency to warn other please dont judge me too hard fellow LBs as i hope this post will help you in the future.
Yours humbly