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Strawberry Cough Hash - review
Just thought I’d leave a few words about this fabulous hash. It’s exactly as described by the vendor, soft, fresh, rare and all round very impressive.

On opening the sealed package there’s no doubt this was made using the strawberry cough strain, the sweet strawberry aroma hit me immediately and was then followed by hashy undertones that make for a really unique and special smell. I love a good hash and just the smell of this got me really excited, its definitely one to experience.

The product is easy to work with, the way it breaks up is almost like Demerara sugar and my finger tips were left oily from handling the hash.
The smoke is beautiful and tastes a lot like it smells, the strawberry cough taste blended with the hashy undertones is definitely something special, every hit seemed more and more enjoyable as the effects started to hit me.
I found the high clear, stimulating, long lasting and mood enhancing easing off into a really nice happy chilled out feeling. It’s a truly enjoyable smoke and hard to leave alone even when I’ve got things to do.
Overall I think this stuff is excellent, a real top quality stand out addition to the hash collection.

Big thanks to the vendor for making this high quality product available at such at good price.

*** Standard disclaimer - Its just my opinion, I paid for it and photos are my own taken using an iPad ***