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Zombie stick preroll review plus a bit more...
First post from a Buggy noob.
I will be open and honest.
I don’t yet know anyone here, vendors included)

I stumbled upon the site and shortly after took a punt on Drugs Inc UK and their dust/small buds (bang on, very happy) and Purple Punch vape cartridge (very nice, very happy).
Products took 2 days to arrive in excellent stealth packaging.
I would repeat purchase both items. The vape is exactly as expected and a big thumbs up. The dust/small buds is better than expected, with great flavour and a pukka cure. Good work DI.

I asked DI if they still required reviews. They did. I received a zombie stick shortly after. Good times as I am cash poor.

Packaging: the stick is in a neat joint tube (reusable) and comes in 2 more layers of stealth packaging that slip through the letterbox. Spot on.

First impression: pop the tube open and find a lovely cone that looks great as it has been dipped in thc. Almost a mat dusty finish that looks gorgeous. Made me smile anyway.

Smoke: the bud x shatter x dip flavour was deceptively smooth and mellow. Easy to enjoy and didn’t want to put it down. Beautiful.

Hit: solid strong hit from the bud with a fat layer of cerebral high on top from the shatter and dip creating a delightful mood enhancing experience. Very strong, a Saturday night special. Good meds, enabled sleep easily. A real treat. Would purchase and put in a glass box to break in case of emergency.

Score: 10/10. Good job guys.

Vendor: I have no affiliation to Drugs Inc UK. I used them as I liked what Franko (who I also don’t know) was saying. My experience with DI is 10/10. Greatest of times. Thoroughly recommended.

Peace, love and happiness to all x