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Selection box review.
Just would like to address this review, should anyone 'on the fence' about trying this out.

This particular batch of chocolate was perfectly tempered, glossy finish and a noticeable snap when broken. So the wet clay comment is way off, I know this because I still have some from this batch so its easily check-able, if the quality wasn't there I would have not put these on sale or I would have listed them as untempered. I would assume wet clay is, well, wet and my products are not wet, in fact, moisture would have ruined the tempering process and ruining the batch.

As for waiting 10 - 8 hours for effects to take hold?! I mean, I don't know anyone that would have waited 10 - 8 hours for the onset of anything without taking more. I test all of my products before they get listed, these bars hit like a truck.

I make the product and know what I put into it, If there was a problem with the chocolate, there would have been a problem with the whole batch. 27 boxes have gone out without complaint.

So, if you're on the fence, have a read of the reviews to make your own mind up.