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While my name isn't attached to this screenshot, the vendor mostly likely knows I wrote it and I feel like I'm being called dishonest here which is why I'll reply.

The wet clay thing was a comparison I didn't mean it was actually wet -- though when eating it it certainly did feel like chewing wet clay. I meant no harm by what I said and have no ill intentions here I promise you. This is just my very honest opinion. A friend also agreed they had no effect on him, I'm sorry to say that but it was just the case.

Also I apologize I should have been more clear, the 166mg was taken over 4 hours. Half after 2 hours of no effects. What I meant was that I gave up expecting to feel anything after 8~ hours. The point here is I should have already been feeling something, not that I waited that long to feel it in the first place.

I was disappointed and that carries in what I wrote. I would also very much like everyone to make their own mind up and I'm sure they will. I can only tell my experience and I doubt my review will have any negative effect on your sales. I'm surprised you reacted to it.

As you said "I make the product and know what I put into it, If there was a problem with the chocolate, there would have been a problem with the whole batch." I doubt anything I say will make you believe this was my genuine experience with the chocolate and I accept that. But you will also have to accept that I know what I experienced and it is as I said.

I had no bad feelings though and look forward to having a positive edible experience with one of your products in the near future.