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THC gummies review!
As soon as I saw this on the wall I asked MJ to put together a small costom order for me an the missus, I had the leaves 20mg each and she had the small bears 5mg each.

This review is for the watermelon 20mg leaves.

On first look the workmanship and love that went into them is very impressive, you would think they was shop bought. The feel of them have a very slight stickiness to them but after I put them in a pot they turned to a winegum feel so I put that down to the different temperatures on its journey. The taste of the watermelon is not to overpowering an complements the taste of the shatter go's really well together. I started off by taking just one an the missus was so kind she gave me a whole half a bear, she liked them to much to share :). About 40mins later my head stared to feel abit light so I thought fuck it I'll have another one, an hour after that another one so 60mg in total. I was fucked in the end, started to feel like mr mackey from South park when he turned into a balloon so good times. The only criticism I have with the leaves is they could be a tad just a tad bit sweeter but I think that's just me coz the missus didn't agree with me. The small bears was the right sweetness for.

Hands down these are the best thc sweets iv every had an iv tried a few in my 16 years of smoking. You lads have outdone yourself once again and you should feel very proud of what you've made here.

My score has to be a 10/10 keep up the good work lads.


I don't get payed or are told what to write in any of my reviews if I don't like it or i have anything critical to say about any smoke I buy I will say.