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And heres the review!

Platinum Gelato from RadarBreeder.

Visually it looks awesome. I try my best with the camera I have access to but it doesn't do it justice, the crystal on this bud doesn't just sparkle, it almost reflects like iridescent, rainbow colours-clearly going to be a potent one!

Upon opening the bag I was unsure of what to expect smell-wise. I have had gelato before and I believe I could identify that more than anything, but a definitive lime like, cake mix smell. Bizarre If i'm honest, But in an intriguing, inviting way!

In the grinder it goes, and this is when it begins. Two turns and its fluff, the rising stink is ridiculous! If anyone had the gorilla skittlez from RB, its my only comparative smell. You know when you smoke cheese and you still smell like you're smoking it an hour after? Just like that!

The taste is amazing, the cake mix is now fully present, the limey taste didn't carry through so much but it is a mouthwatering smoke. I don't think I have had a strain of which I could compare the flavour taste wise, other than categorically strong! Its almost coarse on inhale, not unpleasantly, no coughing fits etc but I put this down to high THC content.

About that high THC content, biggas will know they have hit this after just a toke or two. Full kingsize not necessary. A very high quality hybrid, effects are noticeable strongly on both sides of the spectrum. A lot of creative thinking, alongside the mellow physical of a strong black hash.

As stated this wins this month for me, its going to be one of those "remember that weed you had bro" strains. Whatever it is you desire from the herb, I would highly recommend ticking this one off the list!

Heres a couple more photos, Peace.