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24K Kush Review
I was so sad too see that this was sold out before I got to write my final review.

This is something special. When I first got it, I was a bit concerned because it was squished and the buds didn't look as good as some of the other ones I've had recently. But that went away quickly when I smelled this thing. Wow. The Tangie genetics really come out in the smell. There is a very powerful citrus sent that people will love. It's also covered in white crystals.

I tried it first in my vape, and the flavor is amazing. Again the citrus comes out really strong. Can't recommend this strain enough on just smell and taste alone. In that category it's special.

Next comes the high. I first tried it when I was already fairly baked on concentrates. And that's important to point out, I have a fairly high tolerance as I've been smoking concentrates on the daily.

I had read a review on this from someone that the high wasn't very strong, so I was a bit worried. And while I would probably say that you need to smoke a bit more of this than the really nice Cali stuff, however, when you do, the high is really nice. I enjoyed it the most of course once I rolled a joint of this just now.

The high is a really nice Kush high. Mellow, and sleepy behind the eyes. But it's also motivational from the sativa side. And what makes this now hitting close to my top strain list is that it also has a nice trippy vibe to it as well. It's one of the trippier strains I've smoked since French Toast, and would even say this one is trippier.

All in all, another killer from Radar Breeder. For the price, this is some quality.

PS. The image makes it look darker than it is, but I wanted to use the flash like this so you could see the crystals. You can actually see them shining in that pic ;-)