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Everyone is being calm as far as I can see. No one is trying to slate the Pope - I have always received prompt service and communication from him until now.

The problem is, when you pay for tracked delivery, nothing comes day after day and your message remains unread, it's natural to be a bit concerned.

In balance, this whole thing could be put to rest if the Pope was to post on this thread or elsewhere just a bit of information/an update.

Maybe a personal crisis happened and they were not sent?

Maybe a team member did a runner?

Maybe there was a cock up with the post?

Maybe they were seized and are now on DCI Burnside's desk? (Could be consequences to that one)

Maybe there was a random delay, but everything was sent today and all will be well?

Faith has it's limits, I think it's the not knowing that worries people. No disrespect is intended.