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So happy with my first order here I had to share some pics!
Hey guys hope you dont mind me sharing my rudimentary photography skills with you here. ?

Placed an order with Drugs Inc UK which arrived swiftly and I was delighted with the aromas that filled my nostrils as I cut open the vacuum packaging! Then I proceeded to inspect the beautiful contents of the bags.

First up was the Arjans Strawberry Haze. A strain that I had been wanting to try for a while but missed a coupleof opportunities to order. So glad I got the chance this time. Out I pulled a glistening bud, as the sweet aromas filled up the room. The dark green and some almost purple tints to some of the leaves satisfied my eyes. Upon smoking the sweet and fruity notes definitely come through. I found it left me slightly bewildered for a short while until I mellowed out into a nice comfortable althought at times zoned out high. Which translates for myself as a nice daytime smoke. As long as I dont get too excited when rolling. Haha.

Next up was a the Gorrilla Glue #4. A strain which I recently acquired a small amount of elsewhere which i really enjoyed. When I saw it pop up on the items page I knew I had to get some! I was not disappointed! Far better than what I had tried previously.
To be honest this GG4 hit me like a Fu*#ing train! With beautifully light green nugs, littered with orange hairs. This was a super tasty smoke, really love it! With each toke I would get initially sweetness swiftly followed by that unmistakable diesel taste. This is definitely one for when the kids are in bed, the dogs walked and the dishes are done!

Going to attempt to attach some pics now
from  lana_6