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I got you my man. You will want an indica or indica dominant strain. They have heavy sedating effects and relieve pain effectively. Here are 4 that I found to be the most potent indicas currently available on LB (19/12/09).

Purple Dawg, Radar Breeder - Incredibly strong pure indica.

Slurricane, Radar Breeder - Very strong pure indica.

Wedding Cake, THEGREENTEAM - Strong indica dom, perfect for daytime smoking as the body stone isn't too heavy. (TGT have some nice indica doms that have yet to arrive for me so I can't comment on their full selection yet, will update accordingly.)

Purple Chemdawg, Drugs Inc UK - I have ordered but haven't tried it. 75/25 indica dom, read Frankotherasta's post for more info on it. https://littlebiggy.org/link/kowhrd

Hopefully this gives you enough to choose from. For sure if you want a good sleep get some of that Dawg. Let me know how you get on mate.