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Thanks for the best highs I've had in..
Forever, actually.

Hey LB! It's been just over a month now since I found this beautiful community and it's been a damn good month. Christmas came early for me. I've been able to try shatter and wax for the first time which is something I've been wanting to tick off my list since I found out it existed years ago. I've had a go at the edibles and a few types of hash that I've never even seen before. I've been able to buy with confidence knowing everyone has my back with rating and reviews.

Most importantly for me I now have control over what weed I buy. On the streets I got what they gave me and that was that. This led to some bad times smoking sativas that didn't sit well with me. Now I can blast indica's all day knowing I'm in good hands. It has been a really positive change in my life actually.

So I want to say thanks LB and thanks to the community. You all gave me a warm welcome and made me feel safe.

This rating is for ya'll. 11/10

Happy holidays & happy toking.