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In the fiat monetary system that capitalism operates money is simply printed or keyed into existence, in the form of debt. When banks lend money, like for a mortgage or a loan, they don't lend the money that is located in their physical or virtual vaults/customer's accounts, they simply key a few buttons on their keyboard and say here's £10,000, now you owe us £10,000, oh and by the way you'll have to pay us interest on that £10,000. So now there's £10,000 more money in existence but, importantly, not the interest that you'll have to pay on that £10,000. In this way there is more money owed than actually exists. All outstanding debts can never be repaid because there isn't enough money in existence. It's called debt slavery, designed to keep us indebted to the masters, who get to create it out of thin air. The measures that the government have taken to provide financial assistance to industry, £350bn and counting courtesy of the chancellor, and workers and the self employed, guaranteeing 80% of salaries, is money that is simply being printed into existence, but it is money that is loaned by the central bank, who created it out of nothing, to the government, and is added to the national debt. The masters create money out of nothing, then lend it to the taxpayer at interest to the tune of billions of pounds each year, and that's just the interest :)

Please see James Corbett of www.corbettreport.com
and one of his many excellent documentaries;
"Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve"

YouTube link;

and especially his website for more depth into how this works and how it all started, as well as reasoned and referenced information about what's currently happening in the world, and what has previously happened, and where this all might be leading if we allow it.

Please check out Spiro Skouras' YouTube channel also;

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