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Christmas Stashbox!
Merry Christmas biggas! I've seen a lot of talk over the build up to Crimbo about the Xmas stash. Well.. let's see it! What is you festive period smelling like this year?

The bulk of mine is made up of Purple Dawg and Grape Candy. About 8g. Padding it out we have Strawberry Banana, Wedding Cake, Slurricane, and Candyland. About 4g between them. To add a little spice I have some Strawberry Cough, some Kritikal and a little Morrocan blonde hash. And just a little Bday cake wax and GG#4 shatter to really get things going.

This is by far the best Christmas stash I've ever had put by. Thanks to all the vendors making it possible, thanks LB for hosting this amazing community, and thanks to you all for making me feel at home.

Post your stash below!