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Meet the May family of drug dealers and arms traders
May’s husband Philip May’s company is also the biggest shareholder in BAE Systems which sells bombs to be dropped on Yemeni children. Her philosophy is likely that however much she would like to bomb the shit out of Jeremy Corbyn supporting Glastonbury Festival this year it may lose a few votes (unlike Yemen) so better not to legalise bombing one’s own civilians, no matter how much of a threat their votes are against Conservative party reign.

Oh yes, I’d better reference the last paragraph for Tories: On August 12th, Russia Today reported, “Capital Group, the company that employs Theresa May’s husband, owns a large number of shares in the company that produced a bomb which killed 40 Yemeni children in a Saudi Arabian attack on a school bus.”

Let’s look at drugs first and then go back to taking pot shots at the shrivelled old hag who temporarily stinks out 10 Downing Street with the smell of stale piss and fear induced damp anal sphincter.

I was actually asked to write this piece as I found a story where North Wales Live asked the government about whether it planned to loosen up its stance on drugs (possibly to that looseness of stools that May experiences when told she has to meet a member of the public), given Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones’ taking a softer stance on policing it?

North Wales Live reported, the government spokesperson “said that legalising the substance would “send the wrong message” to the vast majority of the public who don’t take drugs. The spokesperson explained that this would be particularly true of youth in the country as well as vulnerable people, for whom there’s a “potential grave risk of increased misuse of drugs”

As repeatedly reported the husband of the shrivelled piss smelling Prime Minister is employed by a company, Capital Group, which is a 22% stakeholder in UK medical cannabis Pharma company GW Pharmaceuticals. That company exports around a metric tonne of bud every year, making the UK the biggest weed exporter in the world.