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- Mexican sativa hash (best I've ever tried)

- Culero Hash Eggs ( or butt hash, extreme high grade as Only so little can be smuggled at a time.)

- Isolator (not this shit I've had from else where sold off
as isolator)



- White Rhino

- Blueberry

- Lemon Haze

- Keep it up with the landraces, any you can get

Would love to see more affordable concentrates on here. Live resins, rosins, shatter, wax, budder, diamonds all would be great

But at the end of the day, any bud that you can see has been perfectly grown. sticky fully matured buds with fully formed trichomes. Stuff can look like fire, covered in crystals but under a eye loop you see the trichomes haven't fully formed. Lacking the resin bubble at the end. Thus lacking that heavy stone we all love so much